Viberoptix have come in and solidified their place as our longest audit to date, taking over 20 days with 4 auditors daily. This was a stressful task for both SCS and Viberoptix, and we are glad to announce that they were certified, with flying colours.


We would like to say a MASSIVE congratulations for the everybody at Viberoptix for playing a vital role in getting the audit over the line, as seamlessly as possible.


Viberoptix achieved certification against the following International Management System standards:


Viberoptix has had expediential growth from being formed on 3 January 2020 and opening their doors on 6 January 2020. Their rapid growth has come as no surprise as they go from strength to strength. From 20 employees in January 2020 to over 700 in 2024. We are hoping to see this rapid growth continued with the introduction of the IMS standards!


Natlie Regan (Head of HSEQ), kindly left us these words on her experience working with SCS:

“I have had the privilege of working with SCS Ltd who have audited and successfully certified our newly implemented ISO Management system at Viberoptix. Throughout the process, each SCS team member demonstrated their ability to assess the complex situations and key challenges of our business whilst using a pragmatic approach to understand our principles, practices, and overarching goals and objectives.

Our assigned lead auditor, David Hobson, possessed extensive technical knowledge of the industry and quickly developed a collaborative working environment, communicating with colleagues at all levels enabling a concise, effective, and highly positive audit process and experience.

I would recommend SCS Ltd to any company working towards their Management System journey. Their pragmatic approach, deep understanding of business dynamics, technical expertise and exemplary professionalism makes them the number one accreditation body to select for your certification process”.


As for SCS, this was a great audit to be part of. Dave Hobson also wanted to add his share of words for his experience during this lengthy audit:

 Working within a highly regulated and technically challenging high paced sector can be a difficult environment in which to implement and maintain an effective management system, however by engaging its people and retaining an effective internal training capability, Viberoptix has been able to achieve a high level of conformity. The senior management leadership team has created a positive culture enabling the HSEQ Team to deploy the process approach across organisational activities, identifying problems and potential problems and collectively the organisation is committed to the pursuit of best practice, helping to realise operational benefits for its customers, workforce and other interested parties. The audit process was effective in covering all the locations, sites and operations across the UK & Ireland, and the process is always a pleasure when working with confident, competent, and knowledgeable auditee personnel. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of the many strategic improvement objectives and initiatives in progress. Congratulations to all at Viberoptix and many thanks to all the Team for their cooperation throughout the certification process.”


At SCS we are very proud of our clients and are always excited by the improvements we see with all of our clients; we are looking forward to our next visit to Viberoptix to see the systems in place.


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Pictured from left to right: Bronagh Carney (Viberoptix), Natalie Regan (Viberoptix), Naomhan McCrory (CEO) and Tony Duff (SCS)