Leading Cable Management Solution Manufacturer is celebrating after achieving certification to three ISO and OHSAS Management System Standards across its entire UK business in GB & NI.

The management team at Unitrunk recognised the need for greater cohesiveness within the multiple locations, departments and functions throughout the organisation in order to facilitate the continued growth and product development forecast within its strategic planning. A number of certification bodies were considered and SCS (System Certification Services) were recommended based on previous track record within the technical sector.

Unitrunk were focused on identifying a Certification body that could assist in ensuring continual improvement across the company’s business units, whilst focusing on matters of significance, being flexible to accommodate operational needs of the organisation and adding value by allocating auditors with significant competence and experience in the sector. The Client’s objective was never merely about the certificates on the wall, but more about the improvement of internal communication and information availability.

The Client’s previous experience and/or perception of the external audit process had been of ‘compliance’ auditing, and through the direct liaison and presentation of the certification proposal, SCS were able to demonstrate how the use of the process approach and multi-site sampling would significantly enhance the audit process and drive the improvement agenda within all levels and functions within the Client organisation. Unitrunk chose SCS to provide certification services for its management systems including:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Health & Safety Management

In order to give confidence to the many stakeholders within Unitrunk, early visibility on the logistics planning was provided to the Client team, and the plans sympathetically considered reducing the audit impact on ‘business as usual’. During the audit visits, the audit team reviewed and confirmed that the Integrated Management System reflected the Strategic direction of the organisation and that Processes and the subsequent controls were appropriate to the Risk and Opportunities prevalent. The Client received an extensive audit report which captured and communicated the significant findings, as well as the details of personnel interviewed, the records checked and activities observed, with extensive audit trails and sample evidence providing Client personnel with a clear understanding of both the audit process and the validity of the recommendation for certification made by the Audit Team Lead.

Through the adoption of the ISO standards by the Client and the independent yet collaborative approach of the Certification audit team, the Client has attained the following outcomes:

  • Improved Communication – fewer errors on customer requirements and operational efficiencies
  • Enriched Improved Culture – more internal collaboration and sharing of innovative ideas
  • Enhanced Technical Compliance – reduced risk of injury or ill health and impact on the environment
  • Greater Visibility of Performance – Responsiveness and accountability resulting in less rework and greater labour productivity
  • Increased Competitiveness – internal effectiveness and external recognition

“SCS provide a common-sense approach to auditing and their team are highly effective in aligning the company’s needs alongside the standards requirements.  It was crucial to Unitrunk that our Business Management system (BMS), covering the three standards, was fully integrated into the day-to-day operations and processes within the organisation.  We didn’t want a system that sat alongside what we did because we understood the true benefits would come from embracing the process approach and drive towards continual improvement.  SCS also understood this and were paramount in highlighting areas for improvement and greater integration to develop the culture of the business.  The years of experience gained by the auditors was clear and minimised the bureaucratic-style auditing that many companies have experienced in the past”. Graham Milligan, Operations Director