Accredited certifications to ISO 45001:2018 shall only be issued once SCS has been accredited to deliver certification to the new standard and after the organization has demonstrated conformity to ISO 45001:2018.

As a Certification Body holding UKAS accreditation for OHSAS 18001, SCS are permitted to issue unaccredited ISO 45001 certificates to customers meeting the new requirements prior to SCS gaining accreditation to the new standard. Once accreditation is gained, SCS will review each certificate issued as unaccredited to ensure the audit process that led to that certificate being issued is still valid before upgrading the certificate to accredited status.

ISO45001:2018 Migration audits will be carried out in conjunction with scheduled surveillance or recertification where possible in a single stage approach, and will include a minimum of 1 auditor man-day to be added to cover existing and new requirements implied by ISO 45001:2018, recognizing that each client and migration audit is unique and audit duration will be increased as necessary to demonstrate conformity to ISO 45001:2018.

The process will initially require a Self-Assessment readiness review to be completed and submitted to SCS for review prior to the scheduled audit visit.

The OHSAS 18001 certificates of SCS certified organisations that have not completed migration prior to the expiry of the transition period at March 2021 will expire and be automatically withdrawn. Said organisations would then be required to apply for certification to the ISO 45001 standard as a new application and be subject to an Initial Audit in 2 Stages.