The IAF has launched its online platform, IAF Cert Search. is an online platform where accredited certifications can be validated in real time. Presently, those seeking to verify an accredited certification have no central location to check accredited certifications, which allows for misuse where companies claim they have an accredited certification when in fact they don’t.

The platform will enable a user to validate individual certifications in cases where the users know the “company name” or “certification ID” (known entities). Users will not be able to generate “lists” of any kind & the technology is compliant with all international privacy and data regulations.

IAF CertSearch and its supporting technology (an IAF CertSearch mark and Certified Trade Marketplace) will increase awareness, education, value and integrity of accredited certification. It will further differentiate accredited certification and highlight the benefits of accredited certification.

SCS supports IAF CertSearch and once the data feed process is established in April, our Certified Clients can activate their account so their certifications are searchable and can be validated, at no cost.

IAF has provided a short guide introduction to the platform which is hosted by UKAS.

There is significant support from all levels of the accredited certification network, industry, government and regulators. IAF CertSearch will be digitally promoted by industry associations, industry users, global trade organizations, regulators, governments, the IAF, Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies and Certified Entities from all over the world as the trusted source for validating accredited certification.

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