This photo captures the moment that Jenna Bell (CIOB Business development Manager (Ireland)) persuaded Tony Duff FCIOB that CBC recognition would be beneficial to SCS.

With many existing and prospective clients working within the construction and wider related sectors, Tony Duff decided to both support his professional body and further establish SCS as a trusted organisation operating within the construction sector.  


Although not a traditional Charted Building Consultancy, as SCS do not provide advice, our professional services help construction organisations to refine their systems for service delivery through the accredited audit certification activities that our auditors perform, against the requirements of international standards (ISO).


The process of CBC application requires references and recommendations from clients and suppliers, and it is good to have feedback of people’s satisfaction with the services that we provide and indeed, how we conduct business. All our personnel are dedicated and work hard to stay abreast of sector developments and use CPD activities to maintain competence, adding value to all our treasured clients, with whom we nurture ongoing relationships.

If you are in the sector and would like to know more about how management system certification could help your organisation, please get in touch today.

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Why don’t you raise the profile of your organisation and build your reputation with CBC membership. Contact Jenna Bell directly for more information.