Evalu-8 Software was designed by human resources, health and safety and training experts who grew frustrated by the limitations, costs, and lack of usability on offer from existing software. We wanted to produce a system that is comprehensive, easy to use and affordable. We wanted a team who would have a can do and will do attitude to client requests and provide a product and service that can be unmatched. If you have frustrations with other software, or indeed, no software – our expert team have experienced these frustrations too. We are willing to adjust the software to meet your needs on an ongoing basis.

We all know how much stress it can cause when you are looking for documents and you cannot find them amongst all the rest of the paperwork… It’s very annoying. Or, when you have to sit and write out all of the details for the paperwork, its very time consuming. Evalu-8 takes the pain away. You can easily build Risk Assessments in under 10 minutes!

Benefits of Evalu-8

All in one platform
Access anywhere/ anytime
Creates COSHH docs
Manages incidents and near misses
Tracks equipment
Builds full RAMS docs in under 10 mins
Easy to use/ simple
Automation processes
Saves weeks of time
Reoccur tasks
No lengthy contracts
Free support and training

Built in features:

Safety audit
COSHH assessment
Incidents, accidents and near misses
Risk assessments
Contractor management
Training management
Project management
Equipment management

Check out what other companies think about Evalu-8

Daikin UK's H&S Transformation with Evalu-8 EHS

Daikin UK was relying on outdated, slow, and clunky software to manage their health and safety (H&S) operations. The software was nearing discontinuation and frequently caused bottlenecks in the business. Operatives struggled to efficiently ensure, monitor, and enforce H&S standards, leading to inefficiencies and potential compliance risks.
Daikin UK made the strategic decision to adopt Evalu-8 EHS, an innovative and advanced H&S management platform. From the outset, they experienced a significant increase in efficiency as the new software far surpassed their previous system in terms of capabilities and user experience. The transition to Evalu-8 EHS positively impacted every aspect of Daikin UK’s operations.
Onboarding and Training
The onboarding process with Evalu-8 EHS was seamless. The Evalu-8 team provided comprehensive training and support, ensuring that Daikin UK’s staff quickly adapted to the new system and maximized its potential.
Since implementing Evalu-8 EHS, Daikin UK has successfully transformed their H&S management. The advanced features and user-friendly interface of Evalu-8 EHS have streamlined processes, eliminated bottlenecks, and facilitated better monitoring and enforcement of H&S standards. Daikin UK’s investment in Evalu-8 EHS has resulted in a more efficient, compliant, and future-proof H&S management system, contributing to the company’s overall success.
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