9th April 2018


By means of the Repeal Bill, the UK is trying to introduce the EU regulatory framework as national legislation. There is uncertainty over which technical product regulations and standards shall apply in the UK, and if Notified bodies in the UK lose their status, then companies providing products to the EU may need to apply to notified bodies within the EU27, as the validity of issued certificates and permits may be affected.

The optimist might suppose that the process and methodology for product certification and relevant technical standards may be incorporated into the UK Framework and trade agreements will realise minimal impact on the export and import of goods. However, given the ambiguous strategy for the negotiation on future relations with the EU27, it is not clear that EU members will let the UK have its cake and eat it, so it would be naïve not to anticipate some difficulties during the change to the trading dynamic.

Paradoxically the most detailed guidance available on potential outcomes for EU/UK product certification post Brexit comes from Sweden. The full SWEDAC report can be accessed by following the link:

By Tony Duff - , 9th April 2018

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